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- As of Feb 1st, 2017, church hall is under the ownership of the new owner. -

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Guidelines for using Gibsons United Church Rooms & Hall


The church wishes to support community groups. For sanctuary, room or hall bookings please contact the Hall Coordinator Michele Stobie at (604) 886-8350 or mmstobie@dccnet.com. If you wish to cancel or change the schedule, please contact Michele as soon as possible as others may wish to use your space. If you cancel in less than two weeks, you should consider giving a partial donation. The church has priority and may ask you to adjust your schedule accordingly, for example, weddings, funerals, and annual church events.

Weddings, memorials and funerals may be held at Gibsons United Church. Aside from the facility rental, there is a minister's fee of $200. Services may be performed by Rev. Terri and held at other venues at your request. Facility and minister fees are waved for Gibsons United Church members. You may choose to have your own musicians or CD's and these will be gladly accommodated. UCW (United Church Women) is available to provide receptions for up to 100 people with light refreshments after funerals/memorials in the church hall. Please contact Phyllis Hurschman at 886-1378.


Please be considerate of other groups using the facilities at the same time (noise level, respecting each other's space, etc.). Smoking is not permitted.

  • A monthly schedule is posted in the kitchen on the side of the refrigerator and hall bulletin board.

  • The key holder and/or "last one out" is responsible for locking ALL doors and windows and turning off the lights. Often the windows are left open in the Fellowship Room and ladies washroom. Emergency doors are also left unlatched. Please check.

  • If additional keys are required, please discuss with the Hall Coordinator.

  • Return furnishings to rightful place (see diagram for each room) and leave the facilities clean.

  • Remove all garbage that may decompose as the janitor is only in once per week.

  • Extra toilet paper and paper towels can be obtained from the supply room.

  • Hall and Sanctuary thermostats are pre-programmed. Please do not touch the "hold" button, as this will interfere with the permanent programming. During periods the Hall is occupied, the set point may be arrowed up or down to temporarily change the temperature. Press "run program" to return the thermostat to the programmed temperature. If you leave the door open for cool air, please turn thermostat down.

  • Use of the kitchen: For health reasons, church glasses, cups, etc. MUST go through the dishwasher. A few items left in the appropriate rack are okay, although we suggest you bring your own. If you wish to use the kitchen facilities, please make prior arrangements and add $25 donation to cover costs. Learn the proper procedures for using the dishwasher as we have experienced costly mistakes.

  • No alcohol without prior permission of the Hall Coordinator.

  • Hall decoration must only be done in conjunction with the Finance and Property Committee and must be removed after including tape, tacks, ribbons, etc. Please check table bottoms.

Suggested Donations

Room Suggested Donation
Sanctuary $20 per hour, minimum 2 hours
Hall $20 per hour, minimum 2 hours
Fellowship Room $10 per hour
Quiet Room $ 4 per hour

Any questions or problems please contact the Hall Coordinator mentioned above. Thank you!