Rev. Terri Scallon

Rev. Terri Scallon Rev. Terri Scallon

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The Ministry & Personnel Team (M&P)

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Board Executive & Team Discipleship - volunteer positions

Would you like to participate more actively at Gibsons United? Then, volunteer for a position on the Board or on one of our ongoing teams. You can also choose to become involved in shorter-term, specific projects. If you would like more information about the board and volunteering please ask any board member, our go-to person, Betty Robertson or Rev. Terri Scallon.

Information about individual projects appears in the bulletin throughout the year. When you see the announcement, just ask the organizer how you can help. Or, if you have an idea for an activity you would like to do, let Rev. Terri Scallon or one of the Board members know and they will help you find the resources you need.


Vice Chair


Worship & Music responsible for planning various aspects of the services and coordinating the music and technical support for them.
Property responsible for building and grounds maintenance and coordinating work parties to accomplish it.
Spiritual Development responsible for planning and coordinating spiritual development activities for children, youth and adults in the congregation and the community.
Pastoral Care & Outreach plans community dinners and other special events. Coordinates coffee roster for after church time. Coordinates the flower calendar for flowers in the church.
Communication Team maintains the website and issues the email newsletter.
In Touch Visitation Team Maintains regular contact with members and adherents and maintains the historical roll.
Stewardship & Finance responsible for planning and coordinating giving campaigns and other activities that raise money for the Church.
Special Gifts responsible for reviewing requests for funds for discipleship projects and making recommendations to the Board.
Ministry & Personnel responsible for staffing and supervision and policy recommendations for the Board with regard to personnel.
The Board of Trustees is responsible for managing the assets of Gibsons United Church for purposes directed by the congregation. This includes maintaining an asset ledger, organizing the building and grounds maintenance and repairs and ensuring proper handling of investments. There is a Team Leader and a minimum of 3 and a maximum of 15 team members who will meet during the year to plan appropriate actions and report to the Board at the monthly meetings.


 In Loving Memory of Lynda Coote

Ascension (author unknown)
If I go while you’re still here
Know that I live on
vibrating to a different measure
behind a thin veil
through which you cannot see.
You will not see me
so you must have faith.
I wait for the time when we can soar together again
both fully aware of each other.
Until then, live your life to its fullest.
And when you need me,
just whisper my name in your heart
and I will be there.